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Perforated (i.e. hole punched) One Way Vision is a printable self adhesive vinyl, to display advertising images and graphics.  When applied to a window, when looking at the printed side, people will see the advertisement.  But the amazing thing about this film is that from inside behind the window, when looking out, people can see right through the film!  


Clear Focus One Way Vision is a great choice.  Every step of manufacturing, importing and distributing, great choices are being made for your benefit.  The films, packaging and availability are continuously improving, so that you get high performance and risk free media at a fair price. 

Your customers and business colleagues will congratulate you on making a great choice for printing, installing and using Clear Focus One Way Vision.

Why are Clear Focus One Way Vision films a great choice?  What makes our films better?

  1. Our warranty is genuine, no fuss and nation wide.
  2. Available all around the country by the metre.
  3. Continuous research and development, improvements on current films and new films.
  4. Made in accordance to our specifications using our die tools.
  5. Quality assurance and control checked.
  6. Pre and post sales support, technical and marketing resources, information sheets, training.
  7. Legal, compliant and certified.

For advertisers, it maximises the value of the campaign, attracting attention because One Way Vision signs dominates the crowded outdoor advertising landscape, especially when it is a full building wrap billboard.  It has the WOW factor and is noticeably more visible than the average billboard.  A shop front with the entire facade covered in One Way Vision will entice potential customers to notice and engage with the advertisement, compared to a shop with small barely noticeable signs.

For printers and signmakers, the Universal Liner allows them to mount the media onto any main stream digital wide format machine with no need to buy different stock for each machine.  The one roll is suitable for all modern ink technology machines. Our high performance media range are tolerant and forgiving, meaning films are resistant to harsh CBD environments where many windows are typically located.

By choosing us, you will be rewarded.  Now that's a great choice!    


The human eye follows the laws of physics and optics.  For example, the human eye tends to notice brighter colours more than darker colours.  When perforated One Way Vision is printed and applied to a window, the advertisement is made up of various colours printed on the white vinyl side of the film.  While the holes, where there is no film, has no ink and therefore is generally darker, almost black assuming there is no lights on inside.  

So when a person looks at the printed image from the outside of the window, they will see the advertisement, as the printed colours will draw the focus and attention of the human eye and brain more than looking through the dark holes.  It may even look like the advertisement has been printed on a solid piece of vinyl.  

However, when viewed from inside, because the film is black on the adhesive side, and remembering that human eye/brain will tend to ignore darker colours in favour of brighter colours, a person will see the outside world through the holes during the day.  This is because the light shining through the holes carries the image of the outside world through the holes. As the glue side of the One Way Vision is black, the human eye/brain will therefore focus its attention on the bright colours of the outside world projected through the holes.

One Way Vision is most effective during the day time, as sun light is brigther than ceiling mounted inside lights.  

Therefore by deduction, the larger the holes, the more sun light is shining through.  With more light, means the outside world is more noticeable and the printed image not as vibrant as solid vinyl.  Likewise, if the holes are smaller and there is more vinyl than holes, this would mean less light shining through the holes.  Therefore the outside world is less view-able, but the printed image would be perceived as more vibrant. 

See the images below.  The left image shows some printed One Way Vision from the outside.  Sun light is reflecting the printed ink colours on the perforated vinyl back into the human eye/brain, and the holes, being essentially black because the inside lights are not bright enough to project any image of inside the building, is not seen by people, therefore the window signs look like they have been printed on solid vinyl.

The right image shows the same window signs from inside of the building.  Amazingly, what looks like solid vinyl on the outside, people can actually see right through it.  This is because sun light is brighter than inside ceiling lights, meaning the sun light is reflecting the outside world through the tiny holes in the film, which people inside see.  The effect is enhanced because the adhesive side of the film is black, so that people do not see the printed image from inside.

One Way Vision has an extra benefit besides the ability to see through it from the inside of a building.  The extra benefit is that it provides a virtual anti-glare tint effect, as can be seen in the image on the right below.

Outside View

Inside View


  • Innovative use of under-utilised media space without blocking the view.
  • Afford premium outdoor ad placement for marketers.
  • High rise building owners can sell the window space and make extra money in addition to tenancy.
  • Offer more creative possibilities. Allow graphics to have a continued flow from panels to windows and windscreens.
  • Maximise the advantage for advertisers by dominating the landscape.
  • Privacy by reducing the ability of people to see inside.
  • Clear and unimpeded view to the outside.
  • Reduces glare from the sun, like a tinted window.
  • Protects display stock from fading.
  • Save money on cooling costs as less heat is transmitted through the windows.
  • No risk of falling off from CBD and multi-storey buildings as high performance range films have strong adhesion and are tolerant and forgiving in windy and pollutant environments.
  • Allow printers to diversify their capabilities and expand their customer base.


“We are very protective of our reputation when it comes to what we supply to our customers. With so many perforated window film jobs out there peeling back and looking shabby, it has been our company’s mandate to use only Clear Focus One Way Vision films. The peace of mind this has provided has made us and our customers very happy for many years. When on a rare occasion there have been any problems, Clear Focus One Way Vision have been exceptional in their customer service and the issue is solved in a short period of time to everyone’s satisfaction. We have been extremely happy with the quality and ease of use with the Clear Focus One Way Vision products and have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients as the best option on the market.” David Nash, CEO, Creations Group.

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