Wow, a One Way Vision film that lights up at night like a lightbox and also clearly visible during the day.  24-Vue is truly a day/night 24 hour one way vision film.  When applied to a window, either internal or external sides, at night when the inside shop/office lights are on, the light will shine through the printed graphic, so that people will see the image lit up at night.  

24-Vue is a genuine Clear Focus Imaging Inc (USA) product, with every facet properly engineered. From the backing sheet release liner, adhesive, perforation pattern and the plastics in the film substrate.  24-Vue is designed and tested to meet demanding environmental, printing, installation and in-use standards.

24-Vue's smaller hole size makes it ideal for Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) window graphics and window graphics requiring small detail and text.  


Primary Locations
  • Fast food outlets, service stations, 24 hour convenience stores, late night chemists, gyms 
  • Mass transit vehicles (buses, trams, trains)
  • Short to mid term campaigns on shop or office windows 
Other Locations
  • Venues open day or night
  • Bus shelters
  • Retail signage and event centres
  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays 


Matching overlaminate for 24-Vue is EconoLam when exterior mounted.


24-Vue is a monomeric calendered PVC perforated window film.  It is a translucent white film, printable on the non-adhesive side and has clear adhesive on the other side.  24-Vue has a 1.4mm perforation hole.  For every square metre of film, 30% of the film has been perforated.  The combination of 1.4mm hole size and 30% perforation pattern gives 24-Vue a high level of vibrancy and contrast of printed images, which is needed when the interior lights are on.  

24-Vue is available in 1370mm width roll.  The liner has two layers, a perforated paper layer bonded to a non-perforated clear PET layer.  Printable in the solvent and UV-cure ink machines, however, recommend to print in UV-cure ink machines to remove the need to outgas as two layers of CMYK ink maybe required.


For 24-Vue, we recommend the following:

  • Print the CMYK image twice.
  • Exterior mount to window.
  • Dry apply to a window.  


We no longer stock 24-Vue in Australia. 



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