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AutoVue is one of the most popular One Way Vision products.  It is the ideal "All Rounder".  Suitable on any window, even ordinary passenger cars.  This is because it is one of only 2 films that complies with the Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) rules as governed by legislation in every Australian State and in New Zealand.  The other complying film is SuperVue.

Why risk your business and hard earned profits by using a non-complying film, either on your cars or your customers cars?  If a non-complying film is found to be on a car, the police or transport department can issue a defect notice and a fine.  If the car is involved in an accident, insurance companies from any of the parties involved may take action against the car owner and the sign print business who installed it.  As well as the police who may take additional action if they deem the non-complying One Way Vision was a contributing factor to the cause of the accident.

Play it safe, legal and ethical, by using AutoVue for standard passenger cars such as sedans, wagons, hatches, 4WDs, SUVs, coupes and some utes.   The great advantage with AutoVue is that it works just as well on shop and office windows too.  The one film is suitable for all and any transparent surface, whether it be a short or long term advertising campaign. 

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations

  • Rear windows (behind the driver) of passenger cars, such as sedans, hatches, station wagons
  • Rear windows (behind the driver) of goods carrying vehicles, such as vans and utes

Other Locations

  • Internal and external windows of shops and offices
  • Multi-storey buildings (aka building wraps)
  • Mass transit vehicles (such as buses, trains, trams)
  • Any other kind of vehicle, such as campervans, trucks, limousines etc

AutoVue Swatch Photo