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BusVue represents the best value One Way Vision.  It is the highest quality monomeric calendered perforated vinyl film we have sourced from Asia.  It is also the lowest priced film in our range.  

Intended for the mass transit market, such as bus and tram advertising, it is also ideal for short campaigns of less than 18 months on retail store windows, such as POS/POP (point of sale / point of purchase) applications.  Keeping your advertising messages fresh is now affordable.  

Get your advertisement noticed and seen.  Printed graphics and images are more vibrant because BusVue has more vinyl than holes.  BusVue has a 1.5mm hole size and 60% open area (amount of vinyl in one square metre).  

You will not hear any complaints from printers and installers, as BusVue comes with the new innovative Universal Liner (solid + perforated paper).  It is designed to print in every common type of digital and screen printer.  

BusVue has been used extensively on NZ buses and trams since 2012 with no issues reported.  Specify BusVue for your corporate signage now.

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations


  • Public Transport Buses, Trams, Trains, Monorails
  • Coaches, Courtesy and Transfer Buses
  • Entry and Exit Glass Doors to shops and stores
  • Retail windows for POP/POS advertising
  • Exhibition and conference windows for trade show advertising 


Other Locations


  • Any flat transparent surface where a short term campaign needs to be promoted 
  • Building windows for projecting images onto


BusVue Swatch Photo