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It's versatility and quality is second to none.  ClassicVue is a genuine Clear Focus Imaging Inc (USA) product, with every facet properly engineered.  From the backing sheet release liner, adhesive, perforation pattern and the plastics in the film substrate.  ClassicVue is designed and tested to meet demanding environmental, printing, installation and in-use standards.
For example, it is a very high grade polymeric vinyl with removeable adhesive, 1.5mm size holes and a 50/50 pattern, meaning for every square metre, there is 50% no vinyl (open area) and 50% vinyl (closed area).  Therefore with these perforation attributes,  ClassicVue is ideally suited to curved windows on goods carrying and large flat windows on mass transit vehicles and shop windows, where the advertiser wants vibrant printed graphics and images.  
50/50 pattern provides maximum conform-ability for simple windscreen curves, making it very easy to apply, even for non-professionals.  Whilst the 1.5mm holes, which is the smallest hole size in our range, allows for a virtual solid vinyl look when applied to a window.  Yet the view-ability when looking out the window is excellent, similar to tinted window.


Where to Apply?

Primary Locations

  • Goods carrying vehicles (vans, utes)
  • Mass transit vehicles (buses, trams, trains)
  • Long term campaigns on shop or office windows 

Other Locations

  • Bus shelters
  • Retail signage and event centres
  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays 

ClassicVue's smaller hole size makes it ideal for vehicle/fleet window graphics and window graphics requiring small detail and text.  

ClassicVue Swatch Photo