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CurvaLam is a premium cast vinyl optically clear overlaminate for our range of polyermic calndered perforated One Way Vision films.

The benefits of overlaminating one way vision include:

  • Prevents rain from coagulating in the holes
  • Protects graphic from dirt and grime build up
  • Protects graphic from rubber markings caused by the rear wiper 
  • Protects graphic from regular cleaning, pollutants and water 
  • Protects graphic by absorbing most UV radiation 
  • Gives the graphic vibrancy – gloss look
What makes CurvaLam stand apart from other laminates in the market is its exceptional clear vision properties, even when the angle of the windscreen is acute.  Unlike other laminates which becomes less clear and more milky as the angle of the windshield increases, Clear Focus CurvaLam remains crystal clear.
The other major differentiating factor is that CurvaLam is conformable on simple curved windscreens.  It does not crease, crinkle, tunnel or lift off when installing over the curved sections of the rear windscreen.  It will conform to the shape of the windshield without needing heat.  This is a welcome relief for installers. 

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations 

  • With AutoVue, SuperVue, PromoVue or ClassicVue for applications onto cars, vans and utes so that the rain beads and runs off the laminate, in order not to block or reduce the rear vision of the driver 

Other Locations 

  • With AutoVue, SuperVue, PromoVue or ClassicVue for applications onto shops and office windows to extend the life of the printed image for as long as possible 

CurvaLam Swatch Photo

The area bounded by the blue box is the where the CurvaLam sample swatch was placed on the window.  As can be seen, it is optically clear.  A reflection of the yellow line on the road can be seen, because CurvaLam has a gloss finish.  Compared to the other areas of the window where there is no CurvaLam, the crystal clear property of CurvaLam is exceptional.