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This is an exciting and special film.  It has no adhesive and can be re-used and re-located many times.  It's name, PosterVue is a clue to how it works.  Like posters, PosterVue is attached to glass doors and windows by applying a clear masking tape to it.  It is so simple, that professional installers are not needed.  

Plus the film is twice as thick as normal perforated One Way Vision, which means that it is tough, cannot easily be damaged, torn or stretched.  No worries about getting your staff putting up the next advertising campaign, PosterVue can be put up on the windows, removed at the end of the campaign, then do it all again in next year's season, without missing a heart beat.

To save even further production costs, just print up enough poster size PosterVue prints for your stores in an area, then when the advertising period finishes, get your staff to pull them off the windows, roll them up, and send them to stores in another area of the country, for those staff in that area to put them up.

Want to maximise the Point of Purchase (POS) / Point of Sale (POS) advertising rental income in your store?  Why not sell the space on the glass doors of your refrigerators?   PosterVue was originally designed for refrigerators.  Being twice as thick as normal one way vision, it can easily handle cold environments.  Just remember to put the film on the inside of the door, with the printed image facing into the fridge, and the black side facing out.  That way, when people walk up to the fridge, they can see through PosterVue and see the stock in the fridge.  But when they open the door, hey presto, an advertisement for a product suddenly appears.

PosterVue is ideal for applications up to a typical poster size (up to 800mm wide x 1200mm high) and not on full sun windows.  It can be die cut to shapes, applied on either side of interior glass, lowers production costs because any person can stick up posters, and reuse the film for future seasons and advertising campaigns in other areas. 

Where to Apply?

Primary Location


  • Retail windows, specifically POP/POS areas
  • Front entrance glass doors
  • Refrigerator glass doors in service stations and take away fast food outlets
  • Gym windows and rotate between the printed images to keep the advertising fresh
  • Shop windows inside a shopping mall (not exposed to full sun)
  • Bank windows, such as to update interest rate values with minimal cost as same number can be used in the future and staff can easily apply to the window


Other Locations


  • Deli cabinets
  • Grocery store glass fridge doors (if in freezer section then use suitable tape for freezers)
  • Airport windows 


PosterVue's perforation pattern provides more print surface area, making it ideal for small format retail store window graphics and other graphics requiring small detail and text, and finer image resolution.

PosterVue Swatch Photo