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PromoVue is a real gem.  It is very popular with advertisers, such as car dealerships, franchised businesses and other show room type windows, because printed graphics and images are more vibrant than any other perforated One Way Vision film in the range.  Get your advertisement noticed and seen.  PromoVue has 1.5mm hole size, the smallest in the range, and 60% open area (amount of vinyl in one square metre).  

Being a polymeric calendered vinyl and removeable adhesive, it is the film of choice for long term use on windows but when it comes time to replace it, it will not leave a sticky residue as the adhesive comes off cleanly with the film.  

PromoVue comes into its own when laminated with CurvaLam, a match made in heaven.  CurvaLam will keep the advertisement printed on PromoVue looking new for years on vans and building windows.  As this product comes on the Universal Liner, it can be printed on by virtually any digital printer on the market, including solvent ink, eco-solvent ink, UV-cure ink, latex ink printer machines.   

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations


  • Vans and utes (only on windows behind the driver)
  • Shops and offices windows and glass entry/exit doors


Other Locations


  • Ambulances, agriculture and military vehicles
  • Coaches, Airport transfer buses 
  • Internal glass walls providing visual privacy to room occupants 
PromoVue is an exterior-mount window graphics intended for intermediate term applications, such as Point of Purchase (POP), retail and commercial window signage. 


PromoVue Swatch Photo