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This film is very different to all other One Way Vision products.  SunSecure cannot be printed on.  This is because the white side has adhesive on it and a liner over it.  This means it cannot be printed on.  But what is the purpose of this film then?

When applied to the inside of glass windows, because the film has the small 1.5mm hole size and that it has an open/closed area of 35/65, SunSecure is an excellent visual privacy screen and provide heat reduction benefits, therefore lowering energy cooling costs.

Do you have an office where the front door opens directly onto the footpath?  You would like to open the vertical blinds to let the sun shine in, but then everybody walking by sees you and all your business equipment.  and you don't want full on large advertising on the windows because this would only attract people walking by to come in, who are not your market.  

During the day, when the sun is brighter than the lights inside the room, SunSecure is a wall of white.  Go ahead, open those blinds, let the sun in, and feel relaxed knowing that no one can see in.  

Maybe you have a van full of expensive tools.  Your primary work is contracted to the government and large corporations, so there is no need to put printed advertising over the van.  Nor do you want the hassle of people vandalising vinyl film on the windows, nor do you want the hassle of when it rains, the water in the holes blocking your vision.   SunSecure is ideal in this application because it goes on the inside of the window, reduce heat and provides privacy.  

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations

  • Building external facing windows that are exposed to full sun for much of the day
  • Building external facing windows that need to be covered up to provide privacy yet let the sun shine in
  • Architectural material for office internal glass walls, to provide some visual privacy so the office user can get on with their work in peace, yet allow a little transparency so that other co-workers can partially see, which is a good security feature because if no one is meant to be in the office, then the co-workers can determine whether any action is needed to be taken (similar in concept to frosted window film)


Other Locations

  • Mezzanine level offices, providing visual privacy from the people on the ground looking up, yet allowing the people in the office to clearly see down into the lobby area 
  • Inside rear and side windows of a van or ambulance to provide visual privacy to the occupants and equipment/tools during the day.
  • Building windows for projecting images onto  
SunSecure is for commercial and residential safety, security and privacy applications; and for heat and light control and glare reduction.
Please be aware that the white level of the film is affected by the colour and intensity of any window tinting. 

SunSecure Swatch Photo